AYANA SURYA | your truth, your responsibility.
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your truth, your responsibility.




Do you desire to follow your own path without feeling blocked by what’s holding you back?


If you don’t have the power to be confident, to love yourself and to allow your emotions to flow, you will struggle to live fully your life and enjoy all what she offers to you.


Make a promise to yourself and allow your beauty and inner wisdom to shine. Give yourself the possibility to take back your power and reclaim what belongs to you, to all of us – understand here unconditional love.


This ebook is a guide for you to make your way back home, to yourself, to your centre. The workbook attached gives you daily practices and reflexions to help you in your process and journey.


As every human on this planet you deserve beauty and light into your life. Every. Single. Day.



This package include the EBOOK and the WORKBOOK,
to start applying what you’re learning today,
in your daily life.


The EBOOK will guide you through 3 parts, showing you
how to reconnect to your body, your mind and your spirit.
You will learn how to:


– reconnect with you physical body through movement and food

– unleash your emotional potential

– welcome healthy relationships into your life

– identify and liberate your blockages

– choose to take action (and really do it!)

– connect with your energy centres

– check-in with yourself

– and more…


The WORKBOOK is to be used in parallel, while of after reading the EBOOK.
You will discover practices and exercises to:


– create your own sacred rituals

– meditate on different points

– change your relationship with your breathe

– observe and acknowledge your blockages

– stop feeling unworthy

– listen to your energy centres

– follow your intuition

– and more…